A loan without private credit as an additional loan

Do you already have a loan or even several loans in parallel? Then your chances for further financing at many banks are rather bad. In all likelihood, your own house bank will reject your renewed loan request because the credit rating of your employees is insufficient. But that’s no reason to bury your head in the sand.

Loan without private credit – even in difficult cases

Crediter knows where to get credit even in difficult cases. A loan without private credit is often awarded even if the financial situation of the interested party is tense and if negative entries in the private credit massively reduce its creditworthiness. You can also take out a private credit-free loan as a secondary loan, in addition to ongoing financing.

This is how the credit works without private credit

Loan without private credit - even in difficult cases

The renouncement of the data exchange with the credit information gives the credit without private credit two special characteristics:

  1. It is also given to those with a very bad private credit, because the stored entries do not play a role in the credit check.
  2. The loan remains “invisible” to your house bank or your employer, because it is not stored with the private credit. So you can start a debt-free loan without affecting current loans or future loans.

Of course, for this plan to work, you must avoid “telltale signs” on the bank statements. Crediter therefore guarantees you a transaction with maximum discretion and offers you the payment of your credit by mail. You get the loan amount cash in your hand so that it does not show up on the account. If you use a payment card for the repayment, your house bank will not be affected by the monthly installments.

Bring discrete cash without private credit

Bring discrete cash without private credit

Since a loan is only granted up to a certain amount without private credit, such a loan is perfect as a side loan. The interest rates are usually slightly higher than regular loans, but the benefits such as discretion, generous acceptance criteria, etc. quickly compensate for this small disadvantage. Here you can apply free of charge and without risk your credit without private credit.