Credit without private credit or normal loan?

Cre loan can help you with different types of loans. Two different variants are always in focus: on the one hand, normal loans with private credit information and on the other loans without private credit. The difference soon becomes clear: conventional loans require a check from private credit as part of the credit check. The potential lender gets an idea of ​​your financial situation based on the data stored in the credit report and estimates the risk of lending.

When a loan without private credit makes sense

If your private credit is okay, there is usually nothing in the way of a loan. However, if you have a bad private credit, it can lead to significant trouble finding a loan. A rejection is then very often the result. Here loans without private credit come into play, for which a private credit-information is not required. Therefore, also possible negative entries are not significant. Cre loan can help you get both normal loans and non-credit loans, depending on which option suits you best.

Even without private credit get a fair credit

If you ask Crediter for a loan, you may experience a real surprise. Not everything is white or black in life, but there are a variety of shades of gray in between. And that is why Crediter does not only know loans with or without private credit – on the contrary, the experts can find an attractive middle ground for many customers. You will then receive a cheap regular credit despite bad private credit. This is made possible by the intensive cooperation between Crediter and bank partners, who do not consider a bad private credit from the outset as an exclusion criterion. These lenders will pay you a loan even if you have a negative entry to the private credit.

Requirements for a private credit-free loan

Whether or not a loan with or without private credit proves to be the better choice, the crucial thing is that you can afford the loan. So your income must be sufficient for you to make a living and additionally pay the monthly loan installment. Crediter takes its responsibility seriously and only offers you loans that fit your financial situation. An excessively high loan, which overburdens you financially, will not offer you Crediter – because that would be the opposite of acting responsibly. And you would not really be helped, but your situation would even deteriorate. But what’s useful and possible to help you with that is going to be Crediter. The first step to your cheap loan is your free request, which you can submit online here.