Get the low interest on your loan now

The lower the effective interest rate, the cheaper the loan – it is a very simple calculation. For a good reason, therefore, the comparison of the APR in the search for the best credit is the focus. However, if you are looking for a loan on your own, you are faced with a problem: many potential lenders who offer their prospects very favorable conditions are hardly known to the public.

At big banks, loans are often expensive

It is no secret that the banks with the big names are often charged significantly higher interest rates than smaller banks. Critics say that the “big ones” would cut interest rates better instead of spending many, many millions of euros on advertising. But so far it does not look like it.

And the gap between cheap and expensive loans also offers opportunities: If you succeed in the search, you can find a really cheap loan on top conditions. Crediter also deliberately works with lesser-known banks, which convince with particularly customer-friendly solutions and very low lending rates.

How to find a cheap loan

Do you already have an offer from your house bank on the table? Have you wondered if the interest rates offered there are really cheap? With a free request from Crediter you will find out quickly. That’s the way to find out how cheap an internet loan can be for you. Very often, as experience shows, online loan conditions are much better. If you do not rush to sign up with your bank but start looking for cheap alternatives online, you may be able to save a lot of money.

Maybe your house bank has refused to give you a loan – for example because you have negative entries to private credit or because your credit rating is supposedly insufficient for other reasons. In this case too, a request from Crediter makes sense. Together with its bank partners, Crediter often finds very good and unbureaucratic solutions even in difficult cases.

If you ask Crediter for a loan now, you often have a specific offer a day later. You receive your loan offer without any pre-charge and without any obligation. So you take no risk, but secure the chance of a really cheap financing. Besides normal loans, there are also loans without private credit. Here it goes directly to the online loan request.