How to increase your chances for an instant loan


Whether or not you can take out an instant loan is essentially determined by your credit rating. The bank, where you apply for an instant loan, conducts a credit check and takes into account, among other things, your income and existing obligations. As a rule, a query at the private credit for credit check belongs. If the credit report contains any negative features about you, this may affect your credit opportunities accordingly.

“Your instant loan is ready”

The good news is that with the help of Crediter you can in many cases, despite a bad private credit get an instant loan. But it is important that you put all cards on the table from the beginning. Crediter works completely openly and honestly – and the same experts expect you to do the same. Because they can only help you if you truthfully inform about your financial situation. Therefore, an important tip is: Make all statements to potential lenders to the best of their knowledge and belief.

Immediate loan even without private credit

Immediate loan even without Schufa

To gloss over your possibly not very rosy financial situation does not help. You only lose valuable time. If you have existing loans, if there are negative entries in private credit, then you are open to it. Crediter can also help you in difficult situations. However, this only works if the experts are looking for an instant loan directly from the “right” lenders. And if, for example, you have a bad private credit, then other banking partners come into question than if your credit rating is first-class.

If you have informed Crediter about your financial situation and have also submitted your loan request, you will usually receive a very quick initial assessment of the loan opportunities. The search for a suitable instant loan for you will result in a concrete offer, which you get by mail without any pre-charge. If the credit check reveals that there is no credit for you, there are several options. On the one hand, Crediter can check the chances of getting a loan without private credit. On the other hand, you can offer more security to potential lenders. You can also take another applicant on board. This is especially useful if your income is relatively low. What options exist for you to get an instant loan, you can find out now here with your free loan request.