Loan with negative private credit

Apply today for a loan with negative private credit up to a maximum of € 100,000! The loan application is free, without obligation and without pre-payment.

Benefit from our partners who have been active for more than 40 years

You are looking for a cheap financing? A loan with negative private credit is a popular form if you want to have money very fast. All those who need unbureaucratic funding and need a quick decision should choose a loan despite private credit. You will receive the loan offer within a few hours. The maximum loan amount is 100,000 euros! The loan amount can be freely allocated.

There’s definitely nothing in the way of financing – we’ll help you even in difficult times. We can rely on partners who have been in business for over 40 years – so we definitely work with the best people in the country! Benefit from our contacts with banks, brokers and lenders, either domestically or abroad.

The application is free

You will receive a free and, of course, non-binding offer. We do not charge any preliminary costs! Even if we can not offer credit, you will not have to pay a penny. If you have opted for a loan with negative private credit, all costs will be broken down to give you full insight. The fees are included in the monthly installments – a placement fee, which is like to be billed by other companies in advance, does not exist. The requested loan with negative private credit will also be paid out in full. The payment is made by bank transfer or by post. Postal payment is subject to charges.

The application is handled quickly and easily. You can make a free loan request today – you will receive a personal loan offer in just a few hours. We contact more than 20 banks, so you can look forward to a very good offer. The documents will be sent by post or e-mail. You can then check the offer. There is no representative visit and no annoying phone calls. We do not want to influence you and certainly do not want to push for a decision!

Bridge a financial shortage today

Bridge a financial shortage today

You want to take a loan with negative private credit because you have to bridge a financial shortage? We will send you the right offer! The customers receive an individual offer, as we take the needs and wishes into account. The entire loan process is straightforward – at the beginning, the employee will process the application so that he can provide you with a corresponding loan offer.

Customers looking for a loan with negative private credit already had negative experiences. The house bank has refused the loan application; other banks, too, have not approved the loan application – only because of the negative private credit entry. But that does not mean you will not get a loan. We will ensure that you get an instant loan, the loan amount is not earmarked. So you can buy new furniture or a new car, book the summer holiday or settle outstanding bills.

Of course, you can replace existing liabilities with the loan with negative private credit. Benefit from the better conditions and reschedule your debt. In many cases, customers also use the instant loan if they want to pay off the repayment credit.

Which conditions must be met?

To apply for a loan with negative private credit, the creditor must meet various requirements. The most important criterion is of course the monthly income. The applicant must also have a permanent employment relationship so that the bank can be sure that the monthly installments can also be paid. An advantage is an unlimited employment. The applicant must also be of legal age and resident in Germany.

It is also important that no insolvency proceedings have been opened. If the applicant is looking for work, he must report a co-applicant, who subsequently fulfills the requirements for a loan with negative private credit.